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Who is CLP?: Practices

About the Firm

With an insider’s view of the debt collection industry, Consumer Law Protection (CLP) was founded on the guiding principle of protecting consumers from abusive debt collection practices. 


Our experience in the debt collection industry and the high pressure, often times harassing behavior that comes along with it has led us into other areas of expertise as well.


CLP understands that good people can get into bad circumstances, and that debt issues, in particular, can spiral out of control. CLP is committed to helping consumers, and addresses each potential client (and each potential claim) respectfully and professionally.


Regardless of the individual client’s circumstances, CLP approaches each case with the same goal in mind – build a solid, factually-evidenced case that will either facilitate a favorable settlement for the client, or that will prevail at trial. CLP will zealously advocate on your behalf, and more importantly, will earn your trust for future matters.


CLP strives to deliver not only hard working driven results, but building an incredible client relationship experience. So everything is done to ensure a simple and transparent approach to any legal issue is delivered from hand shake to "case closed."


In serving clients, our attorneys focus on four core areas of expertise:


  • Debt Collection Practices


  • Contract Advisement


  • Credit Repair


  • Fraud/Misrepresentation

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8600 Daniel Dunklin Blvd.
Pevely, Missouri 63070

Office: (314) 686-4630

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